Participate in the growth of value of classic cars

With classic car coin this is done easily and safe

Every classic car is far more than

just an automobile.

It's a piece of art that happens to drive.

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Participate in one of the best performing physical assets

Invest in Classic Cars safely and easily

Imagine you could participate in the growth of value of one of the best performing physical assets…

With the ClassicCarCoin this is done easily and safe. You can start with a minimum invest of just 250 €.

We as the operator use our market and expert knowledge to compile the best possible selection of historic dream cars for you and the community. Benefit directly from the increase in value of our portfolio and feel the fascination of Classic Cars at first hand.

Classic Cars as an outstanding investment in value

The potential of the classic car market

Classic Cars are constantly gaining in value and are regarded by experts as one of the most lucrative and safest investments ever. Despite economic crises and politically difficult times, investing in historic automobiles has always proven to be a good choice.

In the context of the economic crisis in 2007 and during the euro crisis in 2010, the market was able to maintain its positive position against the strong downward trend in the economy. In the last 10 years, the average value of classic cars and young classics has risen significantly. Several indices show an extremely high potential for these investments:

German vintage car index

German vintage car index

Index for luxury goods (Knight Frank Consultants):

Index for luxury goods (Knight Frank Consultants):

Lucrative business with difficult entry

The entry barriers of the classic car market

The entry barriers for the market around classic cars und young classics can be regarded as exceptionally high. In addition to specific specialist knowledge and technical understanding, high capital reserves are also required in order to operate successfully in the market. The establishment of extensive networks for the acquisition and sale of the classic cars represents an additional hurdle. For this reason, only a few newcomers manage to enter the very special market in the long term.

Farsight Automotive B.V. has recognized this fact and has created an opportunity with the Classic Car Coin to open the lucrative and crisis-proof market for everyone – regardless of expertise, market experience and capital.

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