Access to exclusive markets with the Classic Car Coin

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To own a classic car is the dream of many car enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there are many reasons against it: Purchase price, maintenance, parking space, spare parts – the car dream quickly turns into a nightmare. At least that is how it was up to now. But times have changed. This is made possible by tokenization. Never heard of it? Then it’s time to get to grips with this digital form of investment, which offers great opportunities even for small sums of money. The Classic Car Coin, or CCC for short, is the world’s first security token for investors who want to effectively combine high investment security and returns with the dream of classic cars.

Do you know that? When walking through a parking garage, your heart suddenly beats faster, because between all the SUVs, vans and station wagons there is a classic car. As if conjured into the dreary crowd of faceless mass vehicles. Childhood memories are awakened, film legends suddenly drive through your mind: James Dean in a Porsche, Magnum in a Ferrari, James Bond in an Aston Martin. What would it be like to own such a classic automobile yourself…?

The dream of the Classic Car can come true

But the short dream in the parking garage is usually gone quickly. Because a classic car does not only cost a pretty penny in the purchase. A well-ventilated parking space and maintenance – the list of cost factors is long.There are clearly cheaper hobbies than a classic car. Do you prefer to leave your fingers off and dream on in a parking garage or on the street the next time you meet a classic car?

A classic car is a good investment. The German Association of the Automotive Industry regularly publishes the “Oldtimer Index”. It is calculated by the classic car experts from classic-analytics in Bochum, who compare the prices of 88 models representative of the German car market in their database. And the value development is impressive: Gold, antiques, art and even diamonds have a significantly lower return, not to mention ordinary financial investments.

The prices are rising

Interesting for investors: The prices for luxury cars and everyday vehicles are rising equally: For the famous W 114/115 from Mercedes, a popular everyday classic car, market prices rose by 186 percent between 2010 and 2015 and are now in the high five-digit range for very good examples.

And in the luxury class, the Ferrari Testarossa, for example, performs excellently: While an average of 55,000 euros had to be budgeted for a 1986 vehicle eight years ago, the market value has more than doubled today to well over 150,000 euros – an increase of 136 percent. But regardless of whether it’s a Ferrari, Porsche 911, BMW or even the Citroen 2CV: the increases in value are enormous for a large number of vehicles. But there is also a dark side: the market requires a lot of background knowledge and experience.

No wonder that the decision is difficult. And yet it is possible to have them all – or at least a piece of them: Digitization is paving the way for new approaches. What in the analog world was reserved for only a few wealthy people has become a high-yield investment even for small investors with the Classic Car Coin. This is made possible by tokenization. This process creates digital securities for all classic car enthusiasts – even those with small wallets. The distribution over many vehicles simultaneously reduces the risk: The possible weak performance of a single classic car is compensated by the strong increase in value of the others in the portfolio.

Classic Car Coin: The ideal combination of safety and profitability

Tokenization is very simple: The value of a classic car is divided into several shares. This is done via the blockchain. Blockchains are secure directories in which digital transactions are documented. These shares are then made available to investors who can buy them in the shape of tokens.In this way, it is possible not only for a handful of rich people, but for many people to enter the attractive market. Piece by piece, coin by coin, investors can thus participate in classic automobiles with CCC – and so the dream of a classic car comes true after all!

This combination of the high value of classic cars with a digital security is a small revolution. Here, the high returns of classic cars are combined with the attractiveness of small investment sums. It is possible to start with as little as 250 euros at CCC, a sum that can deliver top performance over the appropriate investment horizon. The investors’ valuable vehicles are safely stored and maintained.