How can I invest in the Classic Car Coin?

It’s very simple: register at https://dapp.ccc.financial/register, create an account and determine the volume you want to invest. The digital company shares will be credited to you directly in your backend within a short time.

How exactly do I profit from my investment in the Classic Car Coin?

With the Classic Car Coin you can benefit in two ways. On the one hand each Classic Car Coin represents a real share in the company, Farsight Automotive B.V. Therefore you are entitled to a share in the profits, which will be paid out in the form of a dividend.

On the other hand the value of the portfolios behind the Classic Car Coin increases. The worldwide demand for Classic Cars has been very high for decades. In particular, the value of rare vehicles is rising sharply over time, as the German Classic Car Index and the Luxury Goods Index of the renowned consulting agency Knight Frank show. As the owner of the Classic Car Coin and the portfolio behind it, you profit directly from this potential for value enhancement. 

What do I get for my investment?

Each Classic Car Coin represents a company share of Farsight Automotive B.V. The company is responsible for the procurement, maintenance and administration of the Classic Cars. Thus, with the Classic Car Coin you not only have a real share in the total portfolio of the vehicles, but also in the company itself. The Classic Car Coin also shows great similarities to a classic share in other respects. In addition to a voting right, a dividend can also be decided and paid out if a majority vote is taken at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Can a dividend be paid out?

Yes, like a conventional share, the Classic Car Coin can pay a dividend to its shareholders. This is done by a majority decision at the annual shareholders’ meeting. In principle, every Classic Car Coin shareholder is entitled to vote. Each token represents a share in the company and therefore one vote at the meeting.

How are vehicles selected for the Classic Car Coins portfolio?

The procurement of rare vehicles with a high potential for value enhancement is one of the central challenges of the market. In order to create the best starting conditions for the acquisition of the vehicles, Farsight B.V. can rely on an experienced and globally acting partner network. In the cooperation of scouts, industry experts, experts and collectors we find suitable vehicles.

When is an investment in the Classic Car Coin suitable for me?

The Classic Car Coin was designed for people who are looking for a crisis-tested alternative investment option with long-term growth potential. Do not invest capital that you will need in the near future anyway.

The Classic Car Coin is particularly suitable for you if you want to diversify your financial portfolio in different markets to reduce risk. The market for rare classic cars has been stable for decades and shows a steady growth. So it is ideal for stabilizing your overall portfolio of financial investments.

How quickly can profits be made?

As Knight Frank’s Luxury Goods Index and the German Oldtimer Index show, the value of the vehicles is increasing strongly over the years. The purchased vehicles should therefore remain in the portfolio for at least 1 year before they are sold again.