The Classic Car Coin, an initiative of the Farsight Automotive Group, believes in real values!

Values that are physically present, values that represent stable growth over decades, values that will still be present tomorrow, and just like art, they combine emotions and investment at the same time.

A Classic Car is a piece of art that happens to drive...

The expensive monetary policy of the central banks prevents most investors from generating interest on their savings. Due to inflation, these savings are diminishing in value as time goes by. Therefore, it is important to protect your capital against inflation loss. This is possible with the help of physical assets that act as collateral.

Collateral such as gold, real estate, shares, vintage cars, diamonds, forests, and art are the perfect examples to prevent loss of wealth. The hard part is to know where to invest your hard-earned money and how to spread the risk within each individual asset group. This always requires specialist knowledge and expertise, because otherwise, an investment in a physical asset can quickly turn into a bad deal…

This is where Farsight Automotive comes into play...

The Classic Car Coin enables Farsight Automotive to set up an international network of Classic Car experts who find and buy the right vintage car. Their expertise is used to acquire different vehicles in different price ranges for the best prices. Vehicles in the lower price segment, as well as vehicles in the middle and upper price segments, serve to represent a broad portfolio and thus simultaneously split the risk within the Classic Car Coin vehicle pool. Through our network, we guarantee the best accommodation for the vehicles and, of course, the best care and maintenance. This is the only way that such a special asset class can grow to its fullest potential.

With the Classic Car Coin, we enable you to invest in a pool of historic vehicles without an intermediary and thus to participate in the value increase of the vehicles.

Your Classic Car Coin Team