The Classic Car Coin in detail

Formerly reserved for an exclusive circle of investors, the Classic Car Coin has managed to open up the market for classic cars to the general public.The focus of this ambitious project is the development of a broadly diversified portfolio of historic cars, which show a high value growth potential.

The focus of this ambitious project is the development of a broadly diversified portfolio of old- and youngtimers, which shows a high value growth potential.
Interested investors have the opportunity to buy shares in the entire portfolio as well as in the company behind it, the Farsight Automotive B.V.

More than just a business idea – physical assets as security

Each Classic Car Coin represents a share in Farsight Automotive, which is responsible for the development, administration, maintenance and distribution of the portfolio. In contrast to most company shares traded on the free market, the main part of the value of Farsight Automotive is not based on existing licenses and technologies or even on a mere business idea, but on physical assets: the historic cars.

Traditional rights, modern technology
The Classic Car Coin is a fully regulated security token, which offers many analogies to the classic company share in terms of rights for investors. Each Classic Car Coin represents a share in the company. Associated with this is the possibility of dividend distribution, which can be initiated by the resolution of the annual shareholders’ meeting. Additionally, a voting right is granted. The weighting of the votes is based on the amount of shares held. Major shareholders thus have a greater influence within the voting rounds that have been announced.

Advantages of the Blockchain technology – maximizing efficiency and transparency

The use of security tokens has two main advantages over the classic construct of a stock issue. On the one hand, the efficiency of the cash flow, both in the issuance of company shares and in the distribution of dividends, can be significantly increased. On the other hand, the use of the blockchain technology allows a precise tracking of the Classic Car Coins issued, the dividends and the distribution of the company shares held – and this completely anonymously. Thus it is publicly visible when which company shares are transferred. For reasons of data protection, however, it is not possible to assign the shares to specific persons.